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A New Model for Software Licensing


-SOL is a secure, database-driven website for managing client licenses. As a developer, you are allocated a separate client database customized to your products. A component that you add to your application allows you to read and write to this Internet database. SOL provides:

SOL offers three license options for your clients: SOLNet, SOLMeter, and SOLKey (see License Options for more information). All three options are available using just one quick setup:

1) Sign up here (for free) to initialize your online client database (see Demo/Sign-Up ).

2) Download our SOL component which enables your application to communicate with your client
database. Adding just a few lines of code, you gain an application that checks your client database,
at startup, to see if the user is licensed.

3) Distribute your protected application -- it runs in demo mode until you give your client LOGIN-INFO
(username, password, etc).

SOL saves you years of Internet database programming, and it works with any programming language
capable of accessing an .OCX or .DLL (VB6, .NET, C++, Delphi, etc.)

See Copy Protection to learn how SOL secures your application from piracy far more effectively than
traditional methods. SOL is also more convenient for you and your clients:

"SOL has reduced my licensing technical support calls by 90% and has helped me sell more software by restricting my clients without annoying them!"   T. Lynn, Horizon Technologies