Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does SOL cost?

A. Please click  here to contact us for a quote.

Q. Our software consists of multiple modules. Can SOL be used to protect and license them in any combination?

A. Yes. After you sign up, you will make a product list. Later, when your clients purchase your software, you will check off which products/modules each will be permitted to use.

Q. Will our clients now need to be connected to the Internet to use our software? What if their Internet is down or the SOL server is down?

A. Yes, an Internet connection is necessary. But this situation is similiar to any network license system -- if the local network is down, the software is down. Fortunately, your client's Internet service should be up 99% of the time as is our server. If you have a client who needs to use your software away from Internet access, we suggest using SOLKey (for at least one license).

Q. Does SOL work through firewalls?

A. Yes. Using SOL is equivalent to opening a page in a browser. So, it should work with most firewall settings. When you sign up, you will be able to fully test SOL with your own application working under different firewall conditions.

Q. Suppose I sell my software to a client wanting them to use it at only one office. Is there any way for us to prevent them from using it at several offices since each user only needs a password and an Internet connection?

A. Yes, the user's IP address is logged. Therefore, you could see that the software is being used in more than one physical location. As an alternative to restricting your license to one location, you could use SOLMeter to issue a time or unit metered license so that you get paid according to the amount of use. Then, you would be happy that your software is used as much as possible.

Q. My clients are concerned about security. What information is transmitted using SOL?

A. When you download the SOL.OCX/.DLL, you will see the list of information that is transmitted when SOL is used to query the client database. This information includes: password, username, machine ID, IP address, time in/out, etc. Since you are using a third party tool developed by us, you only have the abilty to gain this basic information from the client. You can inform your clients of this fact.

Q. Can the copy protection that SOL provides be broken?

A. Unfortunately, all copy protection schemes can be broken. As with any application, a hacker could find the location in your code which queries your client database. It could then change your code to act as if your application is licensed. You can make the hacker's job much more difficult by using a third party code scrambler. If your application is not used widely, it is probably not the type that a hacker would spend time to attack -- so you have nothing worry about.

Against a hacker, SOL is no more secure than any other system, but against everyday soft piracy by your clients, SOL is much more secure! See Copy Protection for more information.